Our Purpose

The aim of our website is not to preach to you, or force you into becoming vegetarian. I personally love this lifestyle and the many benefits that come with it…  If you’re interested in considering the vegetarian lifestyle – we want to make sure you’re informed and it’s an easy and fun transition for you…  However at the end of the day, if it’s not right for you, you should never feel forced to make that change (unless your doctor tells you of course!).


Benefits of a Vegetarian Lifestyle

However, if you are curious about what benefits a plant based diet can give you, we would love to share these with you. At a glance the main benefits can include:

1./ Increased personal health and easier journey to weight loss (when eating the rights foods). Did you know that vegetarians typically have lower rates of heart disease and some forms of cancer compared to non-vegetarians?

2./ Easier digestion and less ‘sluggish’ feeling. Depending on how your body reacts, you may not necessarily by jumping out of your skin! However regardless, over time you’ll be surprised at how much consistent energy you have to get through the day. Even gym workouts can improve!

3./ Moral impact such as taking a stand against animal cruelty, and an overall contribution towards a much healthier planet.

4./ Vegetarian meals not only taste great, but are quick and easy to prepare too.

If a vegetarian lifestyle is something that you want to explore, then take a look through our website. We aim to provide you with many tips and tricks to make for a smooth transition. We also look at some myths of vegetarianism so you can get a better insight of what it can really mean to eat a meat free diet.

smart vegitarian tips

Healthy Lifestyle

I ultimately believe in a healthy lifestyle, it just so happens that vegetarianism was the foundation I’ve built mine on.  Believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to be vegetarian, but still eat a wide variety of nutritionally lacking food. We will take a look at how to maintain this lifestyle with a nutritional healthy focus in mind. To help with this we also include a wide range of yummy vegetarian recipes that we love and know first-hand are super easy to make.